The Louis Vuitton LV Series 3 Exhibition

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Last week me and a pal went down to the LV Series 3 exhibition along The Strand, London as a little post-work activity. More and more we are seeing fashion designers moving away from the traditional bi-annual fashion show at fashion week and they are putting on something a little more alternative. Molly Goddard is a great example in that, instead of the catwalk, she displays her collections as presentations. It’s difficult to explain unless you see it, so here’s her SS16 Presentation:

Now, for the third time, Louis Vuitton has ventured into the exhibition space.


I didn’t know what to expect before, but it actually turned out to be one of the most interactive and visually engaging exhibitions that I’ve ever been to. And make no mistake, whilst it was very informative and gave a lot of background into Vuitton as a brand, it was an art exhibition. By far the most impressive room was the virtual catwalk of the AW15 Louis Vuitton catwalk. It was absolutely incredible; very very clever.

lv1 lv2

Trying to capture this room and to even try and do it justice has (as you can see) proven very difficult.

lv3lv7 lv8 lv9 lv10 lv11

I absolutely love going to events like this and the fact that it’s right around the corner from the office makes it incredibly difficult to say no to…

Look at me looking all candid; no idea I even had a picture taken did I.

IMG_6030 IMG_5937

Definitely one to go and see guys – it’s running til 18/10 so if you like fashion and are a bit of a culture vulture, then you will love this. You even get to watch people make the Vuitton mini vanity cases right in front of your very eyes. Super cool.

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Day 2 London Fashion Week SS16

Hello again,

Hopefully you all read my previous London Fashion Week post that went up yesterday? If not, then – rude, go back now and read it.

So, Day 2 saw designers such as Sibling, House of Holland and Gareth Pugh put their best fashion foot forward and showcase their spring/summer 2016 collections.

Outfit details: Jaeger fur stole, Zara white shift dress

I saw Sibling’s show which was held at the new BFC Show Space, Brewer Street Car Park, in Soho. This has been the first season that the British Fashion Council has not used Somerset House as the main LFW location, causing quite a stir – both good and bad – amongst fashion lovers nationwide. I, myself, was quite hesitant when I found out it would be in Soho; I thought it was a bit of a feeble attempt to appear more ‘urban’ and ‘edgy’ within the fashion community. However, having been down it actually created a bit more a buzz in and around the shows.


The space itself was huge, although it did feel like I climbed a fair few mountains (ramps) in order to get there – not ideal in a low cut dress and heeled boots. #Glam

I think the only thing that is a bit of a loss is not having Somerset House as a backdrop for all those #streetstyle #LFW #instagram #posts. There is something so grand and overwhelming about Somerset House. When I first visited it, I had to take one of those sharp breath in-takes like when you go to a cathedral and feel like “oh wow maybe God does exist” and then you remember that it’s just a building and no He doesn’t.

Here are some of my favourite pieces from Sibling:

IMG_5652 IMG_5656 IMG_5660 IMG_5662 IMG_5670 IMG_5673 IMG_5675

Also Susie Menkes was sat right in front of me and I didn’t even notice until the show ended and she was leaving! If you don’t know who she is, she is Vogue journalism ROYALTY and is usually recognisable by her signature quiff:

IMG_5677 IMG_5687

This sibling series is all about revealing, but not revealing too much; mesh, transparent PVC, and just a hint of nipple. It’s not my favourite of the season, but it is certainly striking and one I won’t forget.

You can watch the full Sibling show here (which FYI I am in for like a fraction of a second at the end):

Thanks for reading this second instalment! I’ll be back with more very shortly.


Day 1 London Fashion Week SS16

Hello lovelies,

London Fashion Week has come around again and it has just dawned on me that I have now been at my company for a whole year. 12 months ago I was just a lil fashion intern and now I’m pretty bloody slick with online video and the world of YouTube. I still have so so much to learn from here, which is what makes the next 12 months so exciting for me.

SO – my third fashion week that I’ve worked on here and I FINALLY got to go to some shows! I will try to do some round-ups and highlight my favourite parts in separate posts, but here are some bits from Day 1 (18th Sept ’15) LFW SS16:

IMG_5621 IMG_5626IMG_5624 IMG_5629 IMG_5635

This set of images is from the Daks show that took place in a beautiful building near Victoria. Myself and a colleague went down to do some filming for a brand new project that we’re working on at work (more to update you on later….), so we were right at the front and got some amazing footage, as well as got to experience all the Fash Chat and glam that one can expect from fashion week.

In case you are unfamiliar with Daks as a designer, they are a little like Reiss in the colour choices and strong tailoring, except more of a luxury brand. I, myself, wear a lot of black and grey so this collection seems very wearable to me. Last week someone said to me, “But, what’s the point in fashion week? Isn’t it all just totally unwearable, extravagant pieces that only famous people can wear?” – No. Is the answer. A lot of the LFW shows are Ready To Wear; it is the Couture collections that are more ostentatious and grand. I actually found myself getting quite defensive and had to end the conversation pretty sharpish before I got too invested (I do that sometimes, it’s a terrible flaw of mine).

Ooooooh #spotted Oliver Proudlock, Rosie Fortescue and Hugo Taylor from Made in Chelsea:


It’s a terrible photo, but Proudlock’s suit was out of this world. FYI: A man in a well-tailored suit can instantly go from a 6 to a 9. That’s science. (You just got scienced by the way).

And this is what I wore:


Jacket: £49.99 – ZARA
Shirt: £29.99 – ZARA
Bag: £149 – JAEGER (below)


Take a look at the Daks show here:

Before, during and after the event I work on some YouTube bit of the show clips, as well as working on the live stream. It’s my first season doing it on my own which, frankly, is pretty petrifying but it seems to be going alright so far…hopefully this will be reflected in the analytics over the next couple of weeks – I’ll let you know if I get sacked or not (lol) (actually, not lol..)

Come back tomorrow for Day 2!

S xo

The Power Of The Brow

Wow okay so 3 months is a very long time to have neglected my bloggy-wog. And its the same old excuse of “work’s been super busy”. If I could describe work currently in three words it would be: Tense, Busy, Fun. I won’t go into that too much, cos boring, but you get the idea. Today’s post is all about eyebrows. THE BROW. POWER BROW. They’re so easy to get wrong, and yet so so easy to get right. Which is why I spend a lot of my time judging other people’s eyebrows (men included). It’s like anything: once you practice it a few times, you really have no excuse. Doing eyebrows is my absolute favourite part of the daily make-up routine. Mainly because I know I’m good at it. I only started doing my brows when I was 19 (late bloomer), and whenever Timehop likes to remind me of my pre-brow days, I literally cringe. Legit – I look weird. It wasn’t so bad when I had blonde hair because my eyebrows are naturally fair, but when I went back to brunette, it just looked insane. I looked like an insane person. I really feel like its important to demonstrate the importance of the brow. It is such a vital part of a woman’s face (or maybe just mine…?) – it gives you symmetry, gives definition and just makes you easier on the eye. Cheeky. Come, I show you:

image (1)
Oh man, look how great I look.

But before:

image (2)
I look ill.

Dya get it now? “But Sophie, how do you achieve such incred browage?” I hear you ask If you’re not making the most of your brows, then you’re missing out. And you make no sense to me. Especially when you see how affordable you can do it. So I’ve been testing out the cheapest and most cheerful of make-up brands to try and find a palette or pencil that is affordable. Here are my top picks:

image (3)
Collection2000 WORK THE COLOUR Eyebrow Kit – £3.99

This kit from Collection2000 (don’t judge) includes three shades: blonde, brown, and black, a tube of gel (apply after to ensure your brows stay put!), and a double sided brush to apply! This little kit has everything and is all neat together so no need to buy any extras. It’s super transportable, easy to put in your handbag, and MORE TO THE POINT, it actually looks great. I’ve never bought anything from Collection2000, except for their Liquid Liner which we all know is the only and BEST liner that money can buy (FYI £2.99). I had very very low expectations for this palette, but as it was £3.99, I figured I would be losing mere pennies if I didn’t rate it. So yeah, real nice suprise this. Go buy. The second essential brow tool is actually just the eyebrow pencil from Rimmel. I’ve been using this since my relationship with eyebrow sculpting began, and I owe a lot to it. Praise.

Around £4-£5 and very well used as you can see
Around £4-£5 and very well used as you can see

The only problem is, if you are like me and need to sharpen every day, then it won’t last you much longer than a month or so. But again, as its so cheap, forget about it. The evolution of the eyebrow has been an extreme one. From those skinny brows in the 90s, tattoo brows, the HD, to the famous Cara Brow. In order to truly respect the eyebrow, one must brush up on some history. Click on the picture below to see how the brow has transformed over time!browsCli

Something old, something new

Hi !

Sorry for the lack of blog posts, and my somewhat duller one last week. Fashion week is over, things are going very very well at work at the moment, and I am officially loving life, so I will be dedicating a lot more time to my blog.

As another pay day comes and goes, another shopping trip is inevitable. I went home last weekend and ended up spending a full hour in New Look trawling for something to wear to my Netball League Old Girls Weekend at Uni, but have had to resign myself to wearing a dress that I already own because I spent my budget on other shit that I probably don’t need. I REGRET NOTHING.

image (15)

One hour and £59 later I came out with all of this. A San Pel in Carllucios was the only thing to celebrate this victory. A pair of shoes, two crop tops, a shirt, a skirt, a headband, and a faux-leather jacket. I feel that is a lot for under 60 quid…

I thought I would have a play around with some outfits, combining these new pieces with bits that I already have in my wardrobe. It’s so important to try and mix and match, otherwise you just end up spending more money than rent on trying to sustain an interesting closet.

image (14)

If double tartan isn’t a thing, well…it should be. I’ve put this dark green tartan high-neck crop with the red tartan trousers (featured in a previous post) and tied it together with my new jacket. The jacket is like a matt/mottled effect with silver zips. I bought this jacket, then realised that the zips were just ornamental (so yes, absolutely no where to put my Oyster card or keys…). This jacket was £16 down from £44.99, so I can get over the pocketlessness.

image (12)

This outfit comprises of a new skirt and new shoes teamed with this pink crop (Primark); attempting to shake off those winter blues, by bringing back some pastel shades as spring creeps up on us. The bag is from H&M for the bargain price of £19.99 (I’m going to buy the black bucket version this week I think). The shoes were an absolute steal from New Look for £12 (down from £24.99). I tend to buy a new pair of shoes every couple of months, wear them every day, get bored, buy another pair of shoes..and thus the cycle continues. These are quite fun and nerdy which I kind of love..image (13)

This dark grey crop is part of my latest haul (£6 NL), and with black and silver accessories, I think this is quite smart. I’ve put an oversized black velvet scrunchie (New Look) to contrast with the silver star bag (Next). The skirt is H&M, the boots are last season from New Look (yes I am a NL whore).

image (10)

I really do love these new shoes. They are so so unbelievably comfy too – you all literally need to run into your local New Look and see if you can nab yourself a pair. As they are so geek-chic, they go rather well with my little M&S rucksack. This mighty duo will literally go with so many different outfits – which is always alright with me.

image (11)

The last item that I bought this weekend is this wine-coloured velvet headband for ONE POUND. Dark reds, navys and greens always go with my hair colour and it is so bloody adorable that I just could not resist!

Hope you enjoyed this little update! I will be branching out into the realms of Beauty posts very very soon – so stay tuned!

S x

Fashion in Fiction

For the last 100 years or so, literature has brought us some of the biggest style icons that have inspired numerous trends and collections worldwide. Jay Gatsby, Holly Golightly, Patrick Bateman, Anna Karenina are but a few. It is therefore no wonder that fashion has become an incremental part of literature for years and years, whether it is addressed directly or merely reflected in the stories’ characters.

My favourite books tend to be American 20th Century fiction, mainly to do with the topics that they address, but also to do with the fashions that are explored.

However, as I am a big fashion lover, I do try and read a mixture of fiction and fact. Over the last couple of years I have come across some slightly lesser-known books, as well as some very famous releases, of books that directly relate to fashion. Here are just my favourites that I thought I would share with you:


In The Mink by Anne-Scott James is a novel that was published in 1952. It is essentially about life in the fashion magazine world of the 1930s and ’40s. It is quite a stunning read, with huge amounts of descriptive narrative that gives you a real feel for post-war fashion. Although it is described as a novel, it is absolutely a memoir of her life. Scott-James graduated from Oxford and started her first job at Vogue and this story basically retells the moments that followed. Whilst the protagonist’s name has been changed, and the names of the magazines are slightly different, the details of In The Mink are far too alike to her own story for it to be a work of fiction. I would highly recommend this book to you if you are interested in reading about fashion of these times – it is truly reflective of what it would have been like to work in fashion journalism post-war, as a woman, and how fast-paced the industry was, even back then.


For a book offering pictures and comments on the biggest style icons and It-girls and boys of the last couple of generations, then Alexa Chung’s It is perfect. Definitely to be a coffee-table classic, it is full of some really beautiful photography and will give you loads of classic and indie movies that you just HAVE to see. It is Chung’s way of expressing who her fashion inspirations have been throughout her life, whether from popular culture or big characters in definitive movies. Think Liv Tyler in Empire Records, Kate Moss, and The Spice Girls.


The Fifty Things… series by Paula Reed is more of an educational course in huge fashion moments for every decade between the 1950s and the 1990s. Each book demonstrates what key trends defined those decades, who pioneered them, and what made them so popular. If you’re currently studying a fashion related degree, or are thinking about it, then I would highly recommend these. They’re fairly short and concise, and will give you an easy insight into what has driven fashion for the last 50 years.


Elegance by Kathleen Tessaro is a book that we can all probably relate to (ignore the coffee stain, I bought this copy in a charity shop…). Unhappy with her life and her looks, Louise C is looking for help and she finds it in a second hand book shop. There she discovers a little fashion encyclopaedia entitled ‘Elegance’…. I won’t tell you anymore, but it is an easy read that  gives you some fun style advice throughout.


Another more educational suggestion – Costume and Fashion, A Concise History by James Laver. This is slightly more difficult to read as it is more of a mini text book, but it is very interesting to read and will give you extra background into what has driven fashion choices over the years.

I am always on the look-out for new books to add to my shelves, so if anyone has any suggestions then please please do let me know!

COMB – The Latest Fashion App Review


FINALLY IT’S HERE. The App that we have literally needed for so long, but kind of never realised how much we needed it.

Have you ever seen a really cool outfit on the TV, internet, instagram (wherever), and wanted to know where it was from? Well now that COMB has launched, you can now find out! Simply snap or screen shot the picture and, in theory, it will comb for items of clothing similar or identical from a catalogue of over 2.5 milliion items. Pretty impressive huh? Well, it all sounds perfectly dreamy, but lets test it out and see what we get…

So, first take a screenshot of what it is you’re looking for. In my case, I’ve used a picture from the movie Empire Records staring Liv Tyler who was a total 90s babe. If you haven’t seen the movie, you can watch it on Netflix now!
90s is a huge inspo for me at the moment, and I really really want to know where I can find this skirt. (Ps totally plugging my instagram account here. FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW ME)

image (6)

You then upload it into the COMB app and crop the area that you are specifically looking for:

image (7)Click Next. And it will take you to this screen where you can choose what you want to find. This basically means that it will look for this same pattern but will match it to what you are looking for: be it a skirt, dress, jumper etc. 

image (8)
Once you’ve chosen the category, it will ‘comb’ through to find the best match. This is what it found for me:

image (5)

It looks like we have actually found a match! It might be £101 (which I don’t intend on spending on a tartan skirt) but it does, at least, prove that this technology works.

There is also a handy feature which enables you to share your findings with your friends, get their opinion, and can even take you straight to the website so you can buy the product. It has completely changed the way you can engage digitally with fashion, and may even take over from Pinterest in this regard. Bold statement, I know.

I then tested it on a cute T-Swifty outfit and then changed the category to get a real feel for how far their range can stretch…

image (9)

image (10)

image (11)

It ended up finding some really great items that, whilst weren’t identical, were similar in colour and style. My favourite piece that it found for me was this fluffy powder blue kimono. £45 seems reasonable for my Valentine.

My Valentine is me. I love me.

image (12)

Now, for all you fashion savvy people out there, you will know that Fashion Month is almost here! Day 1 of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York begins tomorrow showcasing the Fall/Winter 2015 collections.
This app will be so amazing during this period – if you spot something a blogger, model, or designer is wearing that you want, you can find it using COMB. If Charlotte Ronson comes out with another fun print (last season’s polka dots were adorable), then you can snap the print and see what’s already out there for you to get your hands on!
I’m lucky enough to be working over fashion week as the company I work for livestream the runway shows, so my eyes will be firmly fixed to all the coverage of New York and London Fashion Weeks and will definitely be putting this app through it’s paces.
I can’t wait to start using it properly. If you love fashion then it is one of the apps that you absolutely have to have on your phone.

The COMB app is available for FREE on Android and iPhone.

Check out their Facebook page and their YouTube video demo of the app!

S x