The Louis Vuitton LV Series 3 Exhibition

Hi hi


Last week me and a pal went down to the LV Series 3 exhibition along The Strand, London as a little post-work activity. More and more we are seeing fashion designers moving away from the traditional bi-annual fashion show at fashion week and they are putting on something a little more alternative. Molly Goddard is a great example in that, instead of the catwalk, she displays her collections as presentations. It’s difficult to explain unless you see it, so here’s her SS16 Presentation:

Now, for the third time, Louis Vuitton has ventured into the exhibition space.


I didn’t know what to expect before, but it actually turned out to be one of the most interactive and visually engaging exhibitions that I’ve ever been to. And make no mistake, whilst it was very informative and gave a lot of background into Vuitton as a brand, it was an art exhibition. By far the most impressive room was the virtual catwalk of the AW15 Louis Vuitton catwalk. It was absolutely incredible; very very clever.

lv1 lv2

Trying to capture this room and to even try and do it justice has (as you can see) proven very difficult.

lv3lv7 lv8 lv9 lv10 lv11

I absolutely love going to events like this and the fact that it’s right around the corner from the office makes it incredibly difficult to say no to…

Look at me looking all candid; no idea I even had a picture taken did I.

IMG_6030 IMG_5937

Definitely one to go and see guys – it’s running til 18/10 so if you like fashion and are a bit of a culture vulture, then you will love this. You even get to watch people make the Vuitton mini vanity cases right in front of your very eyes. Super cool.

Over and out.


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