Day 1 London Fashion Week SS16

Hello lovelies,

London Fashion Week has come around again and it has just dawned on me that I have now been at my company for a whole year. 12 months ago I was just a lil fashion intern and now I’m pretty bloody slick with online video and the world of YouTube. I still have so so much to learn from here, which is what makes the next 12 months so exciting for me.

SO – my third fashion week that I’ve worked on here and I FINALLY got to go to some shows! I will try to do some round-ups and highlight my favourite parts in separate posts, but here are some bits from Day 1 (18th Sept ’15) LFW SS16:

IMG_5621 IMG_5626IMG_5624 IMG_5629 IMG_5635

This set of images is from the Daks show that took place in a beautiful building near Victoria. Myself and a colleague went down to do some filming for a brand new project that we’re working on at work (more to update you on later….), so we were right at the front and got some amazing footage, as well as got to experience all the Fash Chat and glam that one can expect from fashion week.

In case you are unfamiliar with Daks as a designer, they are a little like Reiss in the colour choices and strong tailoring, except more of a luxury brand. I, myself, wear a lot of black and grey so this collection seems very wearable to me. Last week someone said to me, “But, what’s the point in fashion week? Isn’t it all just totally unwearable, extravagant pieces that only famous people can wear?” – No. Is the answer. A lot of the LFW shows are Ready To Wear; it is the Couture collections that are more ostentatious and grand. I actually found myself getting quite defensive and had to end the conversation pretty sharpish before I got too invested (I do that sometimes, it’s a terrible flaw of mine).

Ooooooh #spotted Oliver Proudlock, Rosie Fortescue and Hugo Taylor from Made in Chelsea:


It’s a terrible photo, but Proudlock’s suit was out of this world. FYI: A man in a well-tailored suit can instantly go from a 6 to a 9. That’s science. (You just got scienced by the way).

And this is what I wore:


Jacket: £49.99 – ZARA
Shirt: £29.99 – ZARA
Bag: £149 – JAEGER (below)


Take a look at the Daks show here:

Before, during and after the event I work on some YouTube bit of the show clips, as well as working on the live stream. It’s my first season doing it on my own which, frankly, is pretty petrifying but it seems to be going alright so far…hopefully this will be reflected in the analytics over the next couple of weeks – I’ll let you know if I get sacked or not (lol) (actually, not lol..)

Come back tomorrow for Day 2!

S xo


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