The Power Of The Brow

Wow okay so 3 months is a very long time to have neglected my bloggy-wog. And its the same old excuse of “work’s been super busy”. If I could describe work currently in three words it would be: Tense, Busy, Fun. I won’t go into that too much, cos boring, but you get the idea. Today’s post is all about eyebrows. THE BROW. POWER BROW. They’re so easy to get wrong, and yet so so easy to get right. Which is why I spend a lot of my time judging other people’s eyebrows (men included). It’s like anything: once you practice it a few times, you really have no excuse. Doing eyebrows is my absolute favourite part of the daily make-up routine. Mainly because I know I’m good at it. I only started doing my brows when I was 19 (late bloomer), and whenever Timehop likes to remind me of my pre-brow days, I literally cringe. Legit – I look weird. It wasn’t so bad when I had blonde hair because my eyebrows are naturally fair, but when I went back to brunette, it just looked insane. I looked like an insane person. I really feel like its important to demonstrate the importance of the brow. It is such a vital part of a woman’s face (or maybe just mine…?) – it gives you symmetry, gives definition and just makes you easier on the eye. Cheeky. Come, I show you:

image (1)
Oh man, look how great I look.

But before:

image (2)
I look ill.

Dya get it now? “But Sophie, how do you achieve such incred browage?” I hear you ask If you’re not making the most of your brows, then you’re missing out. And you make no sense to me. Especially when you see how affordable you can do it. So I’ve been testing out the cheapest and most cheerful of make-up brands to try and find a palette or pencil that is affordable. Here are my top picks:

image (3)
Collection2000 WORK THE COLOUR Eyebrow Kit – £3.99

This kit from Collection2000 (don’t judge) includes three shades: blonde, brown, and black, a tube of gel (apply after to ensure your brows stay put!), and a double sided brush to apply! This little kit has everything and is all neat together so no need to buy any extras. It’s super transportable, easy to put in your handbag, and MORE TO THE POINT, it actually looks great. I’ve never bought anything from Collection2000, except for their Liquid Liner which we all know is the only and BEST liner that money can buy (FYI £2.99). I had very very low expectations for this palette, but as it was £3.99, I figured I would be losing mere pennies if I didn’t rate it. So yeah, real nice suprise this. Go buy. The second essential brow tool is actually just the eyebrow pencil from Rimmel. I’ve been using this since my relationship with eyebrow sculpting began, and I owe a lot to it. Praise.

Around £4-£5 and very well used as you can see
Around £4-£5 and very well used as you can see

The only problem is, if you are like me and need to sharpen every day, then it won’t last you much longer than a month or so. But again, as its so cheap, forget about it. The evolution of the eyebrow has been an extreme one. From those skinny brows in the 90s, tattoo brows, the HD, to the famous Cara Brow. In order to truly respect the eyebrow, one must brush up on some history. Click on the picture below to see how the brow has transformed over time!browsCli


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