Something old, something new

Hi !

Sorry for the lack of blog posts, and my somewhat duller one last week. Fashion week is over, things are going very very well at work at the moment, and I am officially loving life, so I will be dedicating a lot more time to my blog.

As another pay day comes and goes, another shopping trip is inevitable. I went home last weekend and ended up spending a full hour in New Look trawling for something to wear to my Netball League Old Girls Weekend at Uni, but have had to resign myself to wearing a dress that I already own because I spent my budget on other shit that I probably don’t need. I REGRET NOTHING.

image (15)

One hour and £59 later I came out with all of this. A San Pel in Carllucios was the only thing to celebrate this victory. A pair of shoes, two crop tops, a shirt, a skirt, a headband, and a faux-leather jacket. I feel that is a lot for under 60 quid…

I thought I would have a play around with some outfits, combining these new pieces with bits that I already have in my wardrobe. It’s so important to try and mix and match, otherwise you just end up spending more money than rent on trying to sustain an interesting closet.

image (14)

If double tartan isn’t a thing, well…it should be. I’ve put this dark green tartan high-neck crop with the red tartan trousers (featured in a previous post) and tied it together with my new jacket. The jacket is like a matt/mottled effect with silver zips. I bought this jacket, then realised that the zips were just ornamental (so yes, absolutely no where to put my Oyster card or keys…). This jacket was £16 down from £44.99, so I can get over the pocketlessness.

image (12)

This outfit comprises of a new skirt and new shoes teamed with this pink crop (Primark); attempting to shake off those winter blues, by bringing back some pastel shades as spring creeps up on us. The bag is from H&M for the bargain price of £19.99 (I’m going to buy the black bucket version this week I think). The shoes were an absolute steal from New Look for £12 (down from £24.99). I tend to buy a new pair of shoes every couple of months, wear them every day, get bored, buy another pair of shoes..and thus the cycle continues. These are quite fun and nerdy which I kind of love..image (13)

This dark grey crop is part of my latest haul (£6 NL), and with black and silver accessories, I think this is quite smart. I’ve put an oversized black velvet scrunchie (New Look) to contrast with the silver star bag (Next). The skirt is H&M, the boots are last season from New Look (yes I am a NL whore).

image (10)

I really do love these new shoes. They are so so unbelievably comfy too – you all literally need to run into your local New Look and see if you can nab yourself a pair. As they are so geek-chic, they go rather well with my little M&S rucksack. This mighty duo will literally go with so many different outfits – which is always alright with me.

image (11)

The last item that I bought this weekend is this wine-coloured velvet headband for ONE POUND. Dark reds, navys and greens always go with my hair colour and it is so bloody adorable that I just could not resist!

Hope you enjoyed this little update! I will be branching out into the realms of Beauty posts very very soon – so stay tuned!

S x


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