COMB – The Latest Fashion App Review


FINALLY IT’S HERE. The App that we have literally needed for so long, but kind of never realised how much we needed it.

Have you ever seen a really cool outfit on the TV, internet, instagram (wherever), and wanted to know where it was from? Well now that COMB has launched, you can now find out! Simply snap or screen shot the picture and, in theory, it will comb for items of clothing similar or identical from a catalogue of over 2.5 milliion items. Pretty impressive huh? Well, it all sounds perfectly dreamy, but lets test it out and see what we get…

So, first take a screenshot of what it is you’re looking for. In my case, I’ve used a picture from the movie Empire Records staring Liv Tyler who was a total 90s babe. If you haven’t seen the movie, you can watch it on Netflix now!
90s is a huge inspo for me at the moment, and I really really want to know where I can find this skirt. (Ps totally plugging my instagram account here. FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW ME)

image (6)

You then upload it into the COMB app and crop the area that you are specifically looking for:

image (7)Click Next. And it will take you to this screen where you can choose what you want to find. This basically means that it will look for this same pattern but will match it to what you are looking for: be it a skirt, dress, jumper etc. 

image (8)
Once you’ve chosen the category, it will ‘comb’ through to find the best match. This is what it found for me:

image (5)

It looks like we have actually found a match! It might be £101 (which I don’t intend on spending on a tartan skirt) but it does, at least, prove that this technology works.

There is also a handy feature which enables you to share your findings with your friends, get their opinion, and can even take you straight to the website so you can buy the product. It has completely changed the way you can engage digitally with fashion, and may even take over from Pinterest in this regard. Bold statement, I know.

I then tested it on a cute T-Swifty outfit and then changed the category to get a real feel for how far their range can stretch…

image (9)

image (10)

image (11)

It ended up finding some really great items that, whilst weren’t identical, were similar in colour and style. My favourite piece that it found for me was this fluffy powder blue kimono. £45 seems reasonable for my Valentine.

My Valentine is me. I love me.

image (12)

Now, for all you fashion savvy people out there, you will know that Fashion Month is almost here! Day 1 of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York begins tomorrow showcasing the Fall/Winter 2015 collections.
This app will be so amazing during this period – if you spot something a blogger, model, or designer is wearing that you want, you can find it using COMB. If Charlotte Ronson comes out with another fun print (last season’s polka dots were adorable), then you can snap the print and see what’s already out there for you to get your hands on!
I’m lucky enough to be working over fashion week as the company I work for livestream the runway shows, so my eyes will be firmly fixed to all the coverage of New York and London Fashion Weeks and will definitely be putting this app through it’s paces.
I can’t wait to start using it properly. If you love fashion then it is one of the apps that you absolutely have to have on your phone.

The COMB app is available for FREE on Android and iPhone.

Check out their Facebook page and their YouTube video demo of the app!

S x


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